Tom Norring Photography | Mongolia

Mongolia Caption
Since the 13th Century, when Genghis Kahn established the greatest empire ever seen, the Mongolian Nation has been through multiple upheavals.
The great variation of the land from the Capital of Ulaanbaatar to Lake Hovsgol in the North and the Gobi Desert in the South West is also reflected in the various and unique Mongolian sports and entertainment, music – such as throat singing, festivals such as the Naadam festival as well as their love of horses. The sky-high landscape also shows artifacts from 1,000 BC in the beautifully and well preserved Deer Stones as well as the Paleolithic Petroglyphs from 7000 BC in Havtsgait Valley.
The Gobi Desert has recently unveiled a multitude of Dinosaur skeletons and the excavations continue.
The Gobi Desert has an astounding variation of landscapes from sand dunes to Mountains to Plains where you can see to the “end of the Earth”.
The Three Camel Lodge is a Ger Camp with an excellent “Green” Record.