Tom Norring Photography | Photography from Garrapata Beach at Big Sur

Photos of Garrapata Beach. Images from Big Sur on the California Pacific Coast.
Garrapata State Park, an unknown Big Sur jewel, is a treasure to those who have discovered it. Garrapata State Park's unpopulated hiking trails provide access to both the beautiful Big Sur coastline and the breathtaking Santa Lucia Mountains and lie within a short drive of Carmel. Soberanes Point is named after the Ezequiel Soberanes Rancho that was once located there, while Doud River is named after the one-time Doud Ranch which owned a large section of what is now Garrapata State Park.
This park is subtly marked, with only one "Garrapata State Park" sign and nineteen discreetly numbered turnout markers, and aficionados prefer to keep it that way so it remains unspoiled. These numbered markers lead to some of the best Big Sur hiking trails. Garrapata State Park's redwood groves and spectacular coastline are largely hidden from the road, seen only by those who take to its trails.
Source: see Monterey
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